Tuesday, October 18, 2005

It's Already Happening

Lately I've been telling my wife, excitedly, "It's going to happen." And she keeps replying, calmly: "It's already happening." And, she's right, of course. And "it" is the path, in this case professional screenwriting. I've had a busy year and it's only getting busier. Finished another script, shot my first short film, attended the Minnesota Men's Conference in September. Going to the Austin Film Festival and Heart of Film Screenwriters' Conference tomorrow. When I get back, subtmitting a grant proposal and a fellowship application. There are other, more exciting things brewing, but I have to keep something for myself, no?

I tend to catastrophize projects, so the challenge is always to break them up into a series of tasks. And then work to accomplish one task every day. To do otherwise is to mimic my approach to cooking dinner, which is to say "slow and erratic."

But more on that another time. Time to pack.


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