Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Witnessed in a bookstore


A little BOY, three or four years old, enters with his GRANDMA. He sees a stand of Revenge of the Sith calendars, books, journals.

BOY: Look, Grandma! Star Wars! Like what Daddy likes!

He picks up an item and studies it.

BOY: Does he have this one?

GRANDMA: I'm not sure, dear.

The Boy puts the item back.

BOY: Well, Christmas is coming. I don't know what he sees in Star Wars.

GRANDMA: He likes Star Wars just like you like Blue’s Clues.

She takes his hand and they walk deeper into the store. The Boy’s face grows thoughtful.

BOY: I do like Blue’s Clues.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

It's Jurassic Park meets Titanic, with a little Raiders thrown in.

What a great pitch that would be, if Peter Jackson were a spec writer. What other movie has a shot at breaking $1 billion domestic? Not that it matters -- these days I just want to be moved -- but it's hard to shake my childhood fascination with box office receipts, borne of an age when the box office titans were good films. I actually boycotted Home Alone because it took in more than Return of the Jedi. Silly rabbit.