Thursday, September 30, 2010

Playlist: A Meme

Some time ago--days, weeks, months?--I dreamed that I had seen 0.4 of all movies. Notwithstanding the nonsensical syntax of this revelation, when I awoke I understood the underlying truth of the message, a refrain which had already crossed my lips on numerous occasions in waking reality, upon hearing a friend or acquaintance discuss a particular film: "I've seen part of that."

I don't know why I've seen so many fragments of so many films. Perhaps because I grew up without the early cable channels of Prism and HBO. Perhaps because (for example) one July evening I came home from an auction with my mom--an auction!--just in time for a regular-channel showing of Excalibur--as far as I could tell as fantasia of full-plate armor as reimagined by Bob Ringwood--only to discover, with a disappointment only a pre-teen can muster, that not even Arthur and his knights could defend against my father's annual devotion to the All-Star game. There might be other reasons.

More recently, Brian Sibley tagged me for the following exercise: compile a list of films I would happily watch again and again. Happily, I've managed in the past couple of decades to see a number of films in their entirety, many of them even more than once. Following the tradition of the meme, I'm presenting images from a month's worth of movies. Many are among my favorites, though not all of my favorites are represented, and I've probably missed a bunch, too. 100 points if you name them all.

And now, the rules of the meme:

01. Provide a non-exhaustive list of films you'll happily watch again and again.
02. There is no rule 02.
03. Reprint the rules.
04. Tag three others and ask them to do the same.

Next up: Tom, Brett, and Shawna.

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