Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mount Victoria and the Lungs of the City

Yesterday I had a few hours to myself as Jenifer and Hawk visited some new friends, so I decided to spook around the neighborhood of Mount Victoria to enjoy the architecture and view. Turning left onto Hawker Street, however, I saw a sign for the lookout atop the mountain, so I abandoned my plan and followed the trail up the street past the orange-brick cathedral and monastery of Saint Gerard's, and continued up the wooded path into the bush. The slopes were steep and slippery from the off-and-on rain, but within 15 minutes I emerged from the green to the mountain's top. I'd passed the spot where Frodo and his Shire buds got off the road and suddenly came face to face with a very new and very flash public restroom. I crossed the street and a quick jaunt up an improvised trail took me to the highest point in the city.

The view is panoramic and reveals just how green the city is. Ironically, the only original bush left is that in the botanic gardens, but you can still appreciate the city planners' vision in creating a town belt that would bring oxygen to the growing class of workers for the Industrial Age. A surprise rainbow added a perfect, if unnecessary, final touch to the view.

We leave for the States this evening, so I'll add a few more posts, as well as pics, after we get back.

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Blogger Eric D. Lehman said...

"Very flash." Sounds like you're already deep in the lingo, mate. Brilliant.

10:23 AM  

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