Friday, November 25, 2005

Way of the Warrior

"Warrior I or Virabhdrasana I is a pose of great power. In this posture, the warrior is preparing for battle by observing the field and calming the mind. This is not necessarily, though, the idea of violence or war -- but rather the inner struggle between doing what is right and doing what is easy. This posture calms and prepares us to face these choices head-on, with a clear view of the path that we must take. Warrior I builds confidence in the face of difficulty."

This is a passage from a yoga book my wife is working on. I find myself referring to it often -- and doing the pose doesn't hurt, either! Increasingly I am pursuing what would have been difficult only several months ago, difficult for me. Making the phone calls, "putting myself out there," as a friend puts it. Making things happen. Even this blog is an effort in that direction.

This friend and I have had endless debates on "art versus marketing." I'd argue for the need to develop one's craft before concerning oneself with the marketing side; he would argue that marketing is of the utmost importance. To me, if your script is crap nothing else matters. To him, if you can't get your script into the right hands, you'll never make it. Of course, both things must be in place. And so, craft reasonably developed, I'm embarking on the "marketing" side of things. I got my HCDs, I'm working (okay, struggling) on loglines and queries, all the little essential steps that are simply part of the greater process. Preparing for battle.


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