Monday, August 17, 2009

Fleeing District 9

District 9 is an important, original work. It creates a fully realized alternate reality and is likely one of the best films of the year. Think Children of Men with aliens. Jenifer and I really liked it, at least what we saw of it.

Jenifer lasted about 40 minutes, and I left about 5 minutes later. We don’t usually walk out of movies, mostly because we try to spend our limited moviegoing time on stuff that’s good. And District 9 looked good, and is good.

District 9 is intense. It is stressful. It is not for the faint-hearted, the squeamish, new mothers, or those with Vata out of balance. I don’t know if one’s astrological sign matters.

As with the best fantasy literature, I don’t see movies as escapism. I go to the movies to be moved. To be inspired, uplifted, challenged, provoked, made aware. But we were on a rare date, and a simple cost-benefit analysis had us each realize we didn’t need to spend our limited moviegoing time feeling stressed out. Julie & Julia this was not.

I think we’re most disappointed because we like science fiction, and this is science fiction produced by Pete. We want to know how it ends! I did check with Greg Broadmore, an online buddy and the designer responsible for much of the film’s amazing look, and he
assured me that [SPOILER ALERT] little CJ does in fact survive. [END SPOILER.] So that’s good.

I will probably try again when the film comes to DVD. And I will try not to launch a new movement whose manifesto calls for films free of conflict, tension, and menace, and troublesome things like “thematic elements.”

I will also pay attention to the lady behind the glass. When we went to buy our tickets, she carded us. Maybe she knew something we didn't.

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I'm with you, buddy.

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