Saturday, November 22, 2008

Whole Wheat Is Not Whole Grain*

It most certainly is not, and nowhere is this grave truth more hilarious than in Bolt, Disney’s new animated feature. Bolt is the first movie Jenifer and I have seen in the theater since Hawk’s arrival (and it took a village to engineer the outing). Neither of us had particularly high expectations going in, but we’d seen the trailer for months and just had to see the hamster. Fortunately, it turns out that “Rhino” — an exuberant fanboy who lands the dream job of the canine hero’s AWESOME! sidekick — is not the tale’s sole source of comedy. The pigeons throughout the story steal scene after scene; watch in particular for the writing partners Bolt encounters upon reaching Los Angeles, easily the best part of the film’s unexpected Hollywood satire.

*This is not actually the next post. Consider this a stopgap, interstitial tissue, the mezzanine, if you will, betwixt “The Blessing” and the forthcoming “Austin Powers.”

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